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Sascha about 20 hours ago

Omelete & Carving Station

This is my favorite Sunday Brunch place in Orange County. They have a large selection of foods to try - my favorites are the Omelet Station (I usually get a build to order chorizo omelet.) and the Grill out on the patio that does fresh quesadillas and sopes. There selection of desserts is also really good with flans, churros, and a chocolate fountain. The waiters are always friendly and they have live music. The band will even take requests and play songs for people celebrating special events.

Mackererb 5 days ago


I grew up on Mexican food and love little carnicerias around OC and go out of my way find good Mexican. But, these are my favorite nachos of all time. I crave the first bite- we get them with chicken, but the steak is also excellent. I could also say that about the Mexico City Enchiladas, tacos de filete or our real favorite, the Burrito Arizona. Love the service, the food and the little pre-meal appetizer they bring you. So good!

Alauberth 8 days ago


I ordered up an assortment of taco's on Taco Tuesday and to review Carnitas Pibil is like picking out your favorite child, yes, it's difficult but if you actually had to choose, come on, you know you could! Carnitas Pibil was my favorite of the favorites.

Jessdrewguenther 27 days ago

Menu Items

Best Brunch I have ever had!!! So many delicious items to choose from - And such a great price!

Melisastoner about 1 month ago


Who even knew how incredibly mouth watering delicious one could make a taquito! Moist chicken inside, slightly crunchy on the outside, queso fresco drizzle on top and the homemade guacamole is the best you have ever had. Such a beautiful presentation, you would never guess it's a taquito - almost to pretty to eat (but you must!).

Cbetourne about 1 month ago


This is a wonderful portion of Roast Pork and the accompaniments are wonderful

Bob about 2 months ago


These tacos are amazing and so different from the usual. They are a must try.

Fernando about 2 months ago


Oh my god como en el DF

Martydanielstex 2 months ago

Street Tacos, Quesadillas, Salsas

We had the greatest time today at brunch! The food not only delicious but hot, the chille verde was to die for, the service excellent, the music gyrations and such good singers and the manager was so accommodating to my family. Toca Rosa should not be missed! Marty Daniels

Kate 2 months ago

Seafood Station

Taco Rosa was the first real brunch experience I had. From the mimosas to amazing food. The shrimp ceviche and the camaron en agua chile was absolutely delicious!! I come every two months and we always enjoy every bite

Meredith 4 months ago


Oh my God the presentation the taste this dish is amazing!

Bonnied424 4 months ago


This is our favorite restaurant and we are always recommending it. The alambre tacos and quesadilla are the best. We love getting them every time we go. We have never had a bad meal here.

Penalozaj71991 4 months ago


This restaurant is definitely the type of place you'd recommend to all your friends and family. The chicken taquitos are the best! Will continue to come and try different plates.

Ted 5 months ago


HANDS DOWN the BEST Taco I have had anywhere. I think I ate like 8 of these tacos because they were that good. I have other items here and the food is always really great but for some reason I just can't get enough of the carne asada tacos.

Mugenchip 5 months ago


Meat full of flavor and moist. Perfect size where you are not over stuft at the end of the meal. Great price point and the beans were to die for. Highly recommend ordering this as you will not be disappointed.

Marroquin 5 months ago


This lunch special is AMAZING, I can't begin to describe how good the presentation and test of the food are! Highly recommend this item

Guest 5 months ago


I went with my co-worker for lunch, and I ordered the fajitas de pollo, the beat salad, and a glass of tamarindo. The portion of the fajitas was quite large; I especially liked the mixed vegetables underneath the strips of grilled chicken. They were abundant and moist and were great companion to the chicken. The tamarindo was great, too, because it wasn't too sweet. Overall: a great experience!

Eva 5 months ago

Hot Entrees

I had an amazing time, foods was great, the waitress made sure to keep the mimosas coming, and the live music was perfect! I would recommend the Sunday brunch to anyone looking to eat a lot and have a overall pleasant experience!!

Poojaandrishi 5 months ago


Flavorful, super tasty and so well done! Loved it!! Highly recommend

Ycrowson48 4 days ago


As a Yelp Elite member I came here with Friends for a Networking Lunch during the Week. We decided to eat outside on the patio since it was a beautiful day. The Server was very warm and friendly and he took our order promptly. I ordered the Wild Shrimp Enchiladas since I wanted to try something different. The food was seasoned nicely and I really enjoyed the Shrimp inside along with the sauce and cheese. The plate also came with rice and beans and a sweet Corn Tamalito which were also amazing! I Work nearby in Tustin so I will definitely be coming back time and time again. Looking forward to coming during Happy Hour so I can try some of their Margaritas!

L 7 days ago


I've been coming to Taco Rosa for the past 4 years and tried several of dishes including their mole, taquitos dorados, Pa ella but I must admit my all time favorite is the Camarones Tampiquenos. The sauce is so tasty and satisfying. It has the right spice that gives the best taste to the shrimp. I've come to Taco Rosa for my past two anniversaries with my husband and we love the food, waiters and environment. I'm excited and looking forward to come this year and enjoy there delicious CAMARONES TAMPIQUENOS!!! Thank you Taco Rosa for providing excellent service.

Oggs619 25 days ago


Excellent food, excellent margaritas, excellent service

Brandonkurz 29 days ago


Lobster tacos were delicious!! Would highly recommend them :)

Shara about 1 month ago


Fantastic tacos! The guacamole is divine. Presentation is beautiful. You can tell they really care about their food here

Adriana about 1 month ago


had the vegan fajitas. Everything was really good, very fresh. Our server was amazing. After he found out I was vegan he brought me the complementary appetizer without cheese! I also had the churros, they were delicious!

Defile about 2 months ago

Homemade Churros w/ Ice Cream

Perfectly prepared. The best churros I have ever had!

Ccvictoran 2 months ago

Street Tacos, Quesadillas, Salsas

The street tacos are the best!! The flavor is amazing, definitely a must when coming here!

Deirdre 2 months ago


We came in for Happy Hour yesterday and were not disappointed. Both margaritas I had were generous-sized and deliciously mixed. The steak taco with small tamale, chicken enchilada, rice and beans were all excellent and at a great price $8. We have eaten here several times previously and keep returning! Thank you!!

Marissafink 3 months ago


I went to lunch with my co-worker at Taco Rosa and ordered the lunch special ROSA COMBO. I loved the arugula beet salad that it comes with because the dressing is light and fresh. I also think the crunchy pepitas and cheese topping completed the texture of the dish. The blackened chicken taco was a good size and paired nicely with a cheese enchilada. It was healthy and prepared with fresh salsa. The dish was very flavorful but not too spicy. The temperature was just right. The serving size left me very satisfied. I would come back to Taco Rosa again!

Meredith 4 months ago


Awesome delicious food!!!

Musicintheheart 4 months ago


The food presentation is fabulous and it tastes as good as it looks...very creative choices that make it easy to eat here time and time again...great atmosphere completes the experience whether you sit inside or out... the staff is professional and friendly...can't wait for my next meal

Hilaryous28 5 months ago


The mole is fantastic! Has been my favorite here years! I miss the sopapillas for dessert! Please, please bring them back!!

Stvzamora 5 months ago


One of the best chicken soups I've had . With the chips and salsa, it has helped in healing me of colds and flu.

Janet 5 months ago


DELICIOUS. I'm very picky when it comes to Mexican cuisine, being that I am Mexican myself I like the homemade stuff and it's hard to compare. But TACO ROSA has the most amazing chilaquiles that take me back to home to Grandma's house. Pair it up with a nice drink & you've got a great old time!

Jbaia99 5 months ago


Amazing!!! Possibly the best taco ever

Bea 5 months ago


I went with my co-worker for lunch, and I ordered the fajitas de pollo, ensalada and a glass of tamarindo. The portion of the fajitas was quite large; I especially liked the mixed vegetables underneath the strips of grilled chicken. They were abundant and moist and were great companion to the chicken. The tamarindo was great, too, because it wasn't too sweet. Overall: a great experience!

Sofiar1213 5 months ago

Hot Entrees

The Sunday Brunch is the best!I love all the food that is made:Enchiladas, hand made tortillas, menudo, posole, Pork in green salsa and more. Plus a lot of desserts. Everything has a good taste. I love how you can try a little bit of everything. It really gives you a taste of Mexican Food. Taco Rosa does a good job of letting people appreciate delicious food. The Mariachi playing gives it an amazing atmosphere. I always enjoy coming here. Thanks to all the people working here, they do an awesome job.

Handsindirt 5 months ago


I judge all Mexican restaurants by the chile relleno. If they cannot do that right, I never go back! Taco Rosa has the best chiles rellenos ever! Although I like the main dish Chile relleno casero, I have found that the Tacos de chile relleno is even a better dish for me. The chiles used are narrower and slightly hotter lending a piquancy to the dish. Since they are narrower it results is a bit less cheese. (Don't get me wrong, I love the cheesiness of the main dish Chile relleno.) Each one of these slightly smaller chiles rellenos are then nestled in Taco Rosa's homemade soft tortillas and topped with seasoned, sauteed calabacitas (summer squash). These are then accompanied by rice and beans. The blend of flavors in this dish is truly exquisite! I have ordered other items on the menu, but this is my favorite and I doubt I will tire of it ever!


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