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Penalozaj71991 2 days ago


This restaurant is definitely the type of place you'd recommend to all your friends and family. The chicken taquitos are the best! Will continue to come and try different plates.

Ted 27 days ago


HANDS DOWN the BEST Taco I have had anywhere. I think I ate like 8 of these tacos because they were that good. I have other items here and the food is always really great but for some reason I just can't get enough of the carne asada tacos.

Mugenchip about 1 month ago


Meat full of flavor and moist. Perfect size where you are not over stuft at the end of the meal. Great price point and the beans were to die for. Highly recommend ordering this as you will not be disappointed.

Marroquin.Jesse about 1 month ago


This lunch special is AMAZING, I can't begin to describe how good the presentation and test of the food are! Highly recommend this item

Guest about 1 month ago


I went with my co-worker for lunch, and I ordered the fajitas de pollo, the beat salad, and a glass of tamarindo. The portion of the fajitas was quite large; I especially liked the mixed vegetables underneath the strips of grilled chicken. They were abundant and moist and were great companion to the chicken. The tamarindo was great, too, because it wasn't too sweet. Overall: a great experience!

Eva.M.Chavez1 about 1 month ago

Hot Entrees

I had an amazing time, foods was great, the waitress made sure to keep the mimosas coming, and the live music was perfect! I would recommend the Sunday brunch to anyone looking to eat a lot and have a overall pleasant experience!!

Poojaandrishi about 1 month ago


Flavorful, super tasty and so well done! Loved it!! Highly recommend

Jamesd about 1 month ago


This dish was delicious. The service was great friendly staff at a reasonable price. Will recommended to all my friends.

Marisol 311 about 1 month ago


It was my first time going. My sister's friend told us about this place so my sister brought the family and I for our mom's mother's day celebrations and also for my birthday since it landed at the same time as Mother's Day. It was amazing I didn't expect this place to be fancy or quite elegant and relaxing at the same time. It was way much better than I expect. I did have fun. The food was amazing we all got our food warm. The horchata is delicious including the margaritas mmmmmm!!!!! The server Ricky was so nice. Loved the great service. We aren't picky on food we just take forever to choose what we want. And I'm thankful Ricky had patience for us. I give him good props. Will be coming back pretty soon!!!!!!!!! Also if anyone wants to propose this is a great place my sisters friend was propose here and they had mariachi. This place goes over the top to succeed can't wait to come back:)

Dorothyvo about 2 months ago


These tacos are the yummiest taste both a little char and juicy meats ! Don't hesistate and order a few at a time . All the choices are taste to perfection ,I love coming here I first discovered the taste that knocked me over since my first bite at taco Mesa started in Costa Mesa . They evolveded into Taco Rosa's a supreme edition full dining experience, beautiful Spanish decor and the owners still keep the flavors original .

Sofilagunahills.Cd about 2 months ago


The food is always fresh and delicious. The service exceeded my expectations.

Bconti about 2 months ago


Taco Rosa NEVER disappoints! I love coming here on special occasions, or meeting a friend for lunch. I always rave about how affordable their prices are for what we get. The service is always reliable, friendly and they always show utmost respect for our time. The managers are always around and extremely helpful. I am so glad that they expanded their patio area, although I still enjoy dining inside because of its' ambiance and decor. Did I mention how delicious everything is? The food always taste so fresh and filling. Their churros are the best. I highly recommend this place.

Julieencinas 3 months ago

Omelete & Carving Station

Our family has been enjoying the Easter Sunday Brunch at Taco Rosa for the last 6 years!! It is our family's Easter Holiday tradition now and we look forward to it every year!! The food is amazing and the service is outstanding! The Mariachi's that play during brunch are an absolute delight! We will be there again this year! See you in a couple of weeks!

Alexthezieg 5 months ago

Street Tacos, Quesadillas, Salsas

The quesadillas are the best!! Worth it for the street tacos and corn quesadillas alone

Manifestoharmony 7 months ago


Best tostada salad! Ingredients fresh and flavorful. I noticed on the menu paella. I will order next time. where can you find paella?

Smith Matthew348 11 months ago


Had these for lunch today! I totally understand why its voted the best! Tender, juicy, decadent, comforting, delicious, extraordinary are some words that come to mind!

Guest about 1 year ago

Menu Items

Phenomenal spread of delicious food and bottomless champagne!

Hilaryous28 16 days ago


The mole is fantastic! Has been my favorite here years! I miss the sopapillas for dessert! Please, please bring them back!!

Stvzamora about 1 month ago


One of the best chicken soups I've had . With the chips and salsa, it has helped in healing me of colds and flu.

Janet Pla05 about 1 month ago


DELICIOUS. I'm very picky when it comes to Mexican cuisine, being that I am Mexican myself I like the homemade stuff and it's hard to compare. But TACO ROSA has the most amazing chilaquiles that take me back to home to Grandma's house. Pair it up with a nice drink & you've got a great old time!

Jbaia99 about 1 month ago


Amazing!!! Possibly the best taco ever

Bea about 1 month ago


I went with my co-worker for lunch, and I ordered the fajitas de pollo, ensalada and a glass of tamarindo. The portion of the fajitas was quite large; I especially liked the mixed vegetables underneath the strips of grilled chicken. They were abundant and moist and were great companion to the chicken. The tamarindo was great, too, because it wasn't too sweet. Overall: a great experience!

Sofiar1213 about 1 month ago

Hot Entrees

The Sunday Brunch is the best!I love all the food that is made:Enchiladas, hand made tortillas, menudo, posole, Pork in green salsa and more. Plus a lot of desserts. Everything has a good taste. I love how you can try a little bit of everything. It really gives you a taste of Mexican Food. Taco Rosa does a good job of letting people appreciate delicious food. The Mariachi playing gives it an amazing atmosphere. I always enjoy coming here. Thanks to all the people working here, they do an awesome job.

Handsindirt about 1 month ago


I judge all Mexican restaurants by the chile relleno. If they cannot do that right, I never go back! Taco Rosa has the best chiles rellenos ever! Although I like the main dish Chile relleno casero, I have found that the Tacos de chile relleno is even a better dish for me. The chiles used are narrower and slightly hotter lending a piquancy to the dish. Since they are narrower it results is a bit less cheese. (Don't get me wrong, I love the cheesiness of the main dish Chile relleno.) Each one of these slightly smaller chiles rellenos are then nestled in Taco Rosa's homemade soft tortillas and topped with seasoned, sauteed calabacitas (summer squash). These are then accompanied by rice and beans. The blend of flavors in this dish is truly exquisite! I have ordered other items on the menu, but this is my favorite and I doubt I will tire of it ever!

Ilvallejo216 about 1 month ago


This restaurant is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! We did the Mariachi and Champagne brunch, and everything was exquisite! Great place for the whole family even kids.

Preciado Mail about 2 months ago


Best tacos !!!

Kimmanagement about 2 months ago


We have always had stellar customer service at the Irvine location. The food has all been very flavorful and they use fresh high quality ingredients. Their brunch is AMAZING!!!

Cher1l about 2 months ago


These enchiladas are by far the BEST CHICKEN ENCHILADAS MOLE in Orange County! The tortillas always fresh, stuffed with seasoned shredded chicken, and topped with a mole sauce that is to die for!! Served with a side of rice, beans and corn cake. And before your meal your server brings you an individual complimentary appetizer fresh from the kitchen. The staff is welcoming and ensures you enjoy a tasty meal and pleasurable dining experience! Good ambiance, bar and patio seating and great Happy Hour discounts!

Lorenzo about 2 months ago


First time visitor thanks to Tony Tantillo's dining review on KCAL9. And he was spot on. Great value, terrific service. Excellent flavor and everything cooked to perfection! Patron for life now :)

Guest 4 months ago


These are amazing! Great taste surprise!

Ldalvarez 6 months ago



Amy 11 months ago


As someone always trying to watch what I eat I had no guilt when eating this veggie quesadilla! So fresh. Would recommend and eat again!

Nancyc about 1 year ago

Menu Items

Thanks for your comments! Looking forward to seeing you again!

Matt about 1 year ago


I had the Calamari and the Wild Shrimp last night for dinner. I am still thinking about them this morning. I wish I had the words to explain how absolutely delicious these are. These are by far my new favorite Tacos! Bottom Line....MUST TRY!